Thursday, January 5, 2012

Cornwall CLA Chairman says 2012 offers a Year of Opportunity

2011, was a year of reality, cuts and confusion. Talk of double dip recessions, the end of the Euro, the first anniversary of a coalition government; all of which have set the backdrop for the undoubted challenges of the year ahead – but there will be new opportunities as well.

That was the message from the chairman of the Cornwall branch of the CLA, Andrew Williams, who said that, in Cornwall, there had been some notable successes during 2011 – such as broadband, the Local Enterprise Partnership and renewable energy – and he said that although there might be hurdles to overcome, 2012 was full of potential.

Mr Williams said that the ability for Cornwall to be a national leader in the roll out of the new superfast broadband network also presented the challenge of ensuring that adequate coverage is provided to all rural as well as all urban areas.
“We shall continue to pester the BT delivery team to ensure that rural “not spots” are given as high a priority as urban centres, “he said.
Cornwall also led the way with the formation of its Local Enterprise Partnership and Mr Williams said he was working closely with the NFU, the Cornwall Agri-Food Council and Chris Pomfret, chairman of the Cornwall LEP, to identify how the land-based sector could be most effective in representing and influencing rural economic issues in Cornwall.

“Although the Government has moved the goalposts on some aspects of the renewable sector, the overriding opportunities for us here in Cornwall still look positive and we should embrace them - not only to realise the potentials, but also to reduce our reliance on fossil fuels. Hopefully, we can see the marine, tidal and wave sectors developing positively here as well.”

As 2011 drew to a close he said bovine TB and reforms to the Common Agricultural Policy were both coming to a head.

“The national and European teams within the CLA are working hard to deliver the right solutions and 2012 looks like a defining year for both. As to their outcomes, we have traditionally, in Cornwall, thrived on the ability to tackle the obstacles and hurdles placed in our way with innovative and imaginative solutions,” he said.


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